What things are covered in support?

In brief, we are responsible for the features that are advertised in the documentation. So we will do the following: – Solve bugs if there is any (bug means if any feature is not working as it should) – If you have any question we will answer it – After your installation if you face...

What happens after my support is expired?

You can contact sales to buy extended support. If you do not which to choose this option, you can still use the software but you won’t be able to install any new versions or upgrades. Unfortunately, our support team won’t be able to assist you if you contact them with any issues after the covered...

What file formats you support?

For sinks that output files (filesystem, ftp, s3, blob storage…), the following formats are supported: AVRO CSV EXCEL JSON PARQUET PDF TXT XML ZIP Please contact us if you need one that is not listed here.

On how many servers can I install the application?

There are currently no limitations on the number of times the software can be installed in a single datacenter. We do not restrict the number of instances simultaneously running as well.

Where can I find instructions on how to use the platform?

Here is the documentation link. It is also available in the application, in the top menu.