Which target systems (sinks) do you support?

Here is a list of output systems we can write to: AMAZON Amazon Glacier Amazon Kinesis Amazon S3 AZURE Azure Blob Storage Azure Datalake Azure Event Hub Azure Storage Queue BASE Cifs Copy Email File Ftp Http Jdbc Jms Log Proxy Sftp Socket String Web Dav ELASTIC Elastic Search GOOGLE Google Cloud Storage Google Pub...

Which database the application support?

For the moment, we only support MySQL (MariaDB) version 8.3.

Which platforms or OS are supported?

We currently support all commercial OS, but the software is optimized to run on Linux instances (Debian, RHEL). The software can also be deployed in a cloud environment. We currently support AWS, Azure and GCP.  

What file formats you support?

For sinks that output files (filesystem, ftp, s3, blob storage…), the following formats are supported: AVRO CSV EXCEL JSON PARQUET PDF TXT XML ZIP Please contact us if you need one that is not listed here.