Version info

Use this information in case you need to contact support.

Logs viewer


Verify logs

You can monitor the logs for error using from the log viewer page. The view is updated automatically. You can also download the logs and attach it to a support ticket.

Logs viewer


Performance indicators

You can profile the application from the health page. The metrics are updated continuously.



Rest Queries

More information here: Rest API

Flush cache

curl /datamaker/api/system/clearAllCaches

Change log level

Check current log level

curl /datamaker/actuator/loggers/org.hibernate.SQL {"configuredLevel":null,"effectiveLevel":"INFO"}

Change log level

curl -i -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"configuredLevel": "DEBUG"}' /datamaker/actuator/loggers/org.hibernate.SQL

Confirm change

curl /datamaker/actuator/loggers/org.hibernate.SQL {"configuredLevel":null,"effectiveLevel":"DEBUG"}

Rebuild search index

curl /datamaker/api/system/search-index/rebuild

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